How To Create An eBay Stealth Account?

eBay account suspension is the most significant loss a seller can suffer.
This makes all his hard work, patience, and consistency go in vain. Moreover, he also loses the money he spent on dropshipping tools and assistants. A free tool such as title builder for eBay saves you from this concern.

Sometimes, the sellers pave the way to their account suspension by ignoring eBay’s terms of service, for which eBay is very strict.
eBay makes policies like this to give its users the best experience possible and to save them from fraudulent or illegal activities happening on the platform.

If you have got your account suspended for any reason, we have got you covered.
Today we will tell you everything you need to know to make your eBay stealth account and start earning money from it. 

Process Of Opening A Stealth Account

eBay can track you and link your suspended account with the new one if you make the slightest mistake. Below are the steps to successfully open your eBay stealth account:

Step 1: Getting New Information

You should get new information like name, payment info, etc., to be as unique as possible. Because of the intelligent algorithm of eBay, it can link your old and new accounts if it finds anything similar.

Name – Use the name of a friend or a family member to back it up with the documents they have, making you seem legit.

Address – Use the address to which you have access, like one of the family members you used for the name, to avoid any flagging by users who want to return your items.

Phone Numbers – You can make use of the phone number from your family, which doesn’t have an eBay or PayPal account linked to it.
If you can’t find one, you can use a virtual number that reroutes to your original number or the one you have access to.

Payment Information –You should never fake your info while opening a new bank account, as it is illegal to do so.
Always use your honest information to open it, as PayPal can’t verify if the bank account is owned by you or someone else.

Step 2: Block Tracking Done By eBay

If you log in on eBay, it drops a tracker on you to see where you visit next after closing it.
eBay stores this data to link your accounts which can be harmful to you.
Our suggestion would be to log in as a new user on your computer.
By signing in as a new user, you can access a brand new desktop that you can use for that particular account.

Step 3: Changing IP Address

This step is one of the most important as it is the one that generally gets overlooked. eBay has access to your IP address, and it has linked it with your past account, which suffered suspension.
To save yourself from the linkage of accounts, you should use IP proxies that will spoof your IP address as per your liking.
Use the same IP address every time you log into your new account.

Step 4: Create Your eBay Account

The final step would be to establish your stealth account with the new information. 

Final Thoughts

Making a stealth eBay account is entirely legal as long as you abide by the law while doing it.
We have told you all the things essential to make one, and now you are good to go to create a stealth account that will stand the test of time.


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