How to Sell Successfully on eBay: Best Tips and Profitable Niche Ideas


Selling on eBay may be an excellent choice for those starting an online business. eBay is a huge e-commerce platform that allows merchants to connect with buyers from all over the world. The only matter with selling on this platform is that you will be competing for sales with millions of sellers and more than 1.6 billion eBay listings.

That may seem like a large number of competitors, but if you know how to play the game, you’ll surely win. How? In this article, we will assist you in your eBay journey so you can rank on eBay.

If you’re new to this e-commerce platform, you might want to know the profitable products you can sell or how to be a successful seller, so you must read this one.

eBay VeRo List

What are the Most Profitable Niches on eBay?

Before you list a product on eBay, you must first conduct thorough research on the most profitable eBay niches. There’s no point in launching a business if no one buys your products, so you must understand what the customer needs and purchase the most on eBay. To help you with that, here are some of the most profitable niches in eBay that you can choose from:

1. Electronics & Tablets or Desktop

With the high surge of covid-19, everyone is obliged to stay at home. Many workers have shifted to work from home since it’s impossible to work in the office with the pandemic. It’s a great time to take advantage of this opportunity to sell electronics, tablets, or desktops because most remote setup jobs require a desktop, headphones, laptop, tablets, monitor, and other items. 

2. Pet Supplies

Millions of people own pets, and some even have more than one pet, so the demand for pet supplies is high. Many fur parents search online for flee&tick remedies, litter boxes, grooming, and many more to find affordable products for their pets. So, if you have these products that you can bargain for, you’re in luck because it’s highly profitable on eBay. Beds and cages are two other pet supplies that typically sell well.

3. Craft Supplies

Many people love craft which is why craft supplies rank as one of the most profitable and famous products on eBay. People have more time for themselves, especially with the pandemic, and experiment with Do It Yourself or DIY crafts. With an increasing number of buyers wanting to make crafts, sales in this niche are increasing. The most profitable craft supplies on eBay are the button, stickers, beads, stones, and many more.

4. Mobile and Accessories

Every year, smartphone sales reach millions of dollars, with online purchases accounting for approximately 55 percent of these sales. With nearly 300 million smartphone users in the United States alone, sales of mobile and accessories on eBay continue to increase. Because more and more people want to have their mobile phones and accessories, selling products in this niche is highly profitable.

5. Fitness Products

Since most gyms are closed during the pandemic, there is an increase in people looking for gym equipment to continue their workouts. People mostly buy exercise mats, bike pedal exercisers, chin-up bars, and many more items. Fitness products are always highly profitable on eBay because many people strive for fitness, especially now that people have more time for themselves and their wellness.

These are just some of the most profitable niches on eBay. There are more best-selling products out there; all you need is to learn how to look for them. Here is a comprehensive guide provided by Zik Analytics to help you find profitable eBay niches.

Tips on How to Become Successful at Selling on eBay

On eBay, you’re competing with millions of sellers and billions of listings, so you want to make sure you can get a score. These tips came from successful eBay sellers, so they are must-try eBay selling techniques.

1. Maximize the Keywords of your Title

Since the search engine evaluates the title in your listing, you must ensure that it is optimized. The more optimized your product title, the more likely your item will appear on eBay and Google search results.

2. Optimize your Product Description

In writing the product description, you must be very detailed. The algorithm doesn’t like a few sentences in the product description, so you must consider filling it out with as many keywords as possible. 

3. Take Quality Photos

Imagine yourself as a buyer, for sure, you also look at the pictures of the products you’re buying. So, as a seller, you must verify that the images you submit are of good quality and match the product description. Your objective should not fall short of your buyer’s expectations.

4. Build Credibility with Potential Customers

Many people are afraid of scammers, so the first thing you should do to gain the trust of your potential consumers is to include a picture and other information in your profile. Another approach would be to encourage customers to make an offer and ask you questions to create a connection with them.

5. List Items Regularly

Listing items regularly is far better than listing all items at once. Do you know why? Because the algorithm prefers sellers that list products daily. So you must consider listing a product regularly. In this way, there is a high chance that the sellers can increase their product visibility and boost their sales on eBay.

eBay VeRo List

Making a quality eBay listing takes time, so you may want to use tools like Zik Analytics and KalDrop to expedite the process. If you’re planning on starting a dropshipping business on eBay, KalDrop has a Non-API lister that will save you from getting flagged on eBay while also helping you speed up the listing process.

You can get all product information at once from the suppliers you want to link to your eBay store through the KalDrop Icon. Additionally, Zik Analytics can assist you with market research, and once you’ve identified a profitable niche, you can instantly upload it to KalDrop. With the aid of these tools, you can easily grow your business on eBay. 


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