What is eBay VeRo List?

Even though the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program has been operating for a long time, many eBay sellers are likely unaware of it.
This guide will explain what the program is all about.

VeRo protects owners’ intellectual property rights who have their listings infringed by other owners on eBay.
This is an excellent way to ensure that the dropshippers retain their confidence and have no trouble in posting their listings for people to purchase.
It ensures a safe place where buyers and sellers can interact with each other without any inhibitions. 

eBay VeRo List

How Does It Work?

eBay VeRo list was established keeping the safety and freedom of dropshippers in mind.
Here is concise, step-by-step guidance for utilizing this program on eBay.

  • Firstly, you must be a registered dropshipper on eBay, as the program is primarily designed for owners or dropshippers who have listings uploaded on eBay.
  • This program is specifically created to shield dropshippers from getting their intellectual property rights infringed by other drop shippers.
    This means that eBay cannot take responsibility for goods that are stolen.
    A situation like this is to be reported to the concerned law enforcement body.
  • If a listed item infringes intellectual property rights, the concerned person can submit details pertaining to the item by submitting a notice of claimed infringement (NOCI) to [email protected] or fax it to the number 801-757-9521.
  • You can also send a notification to eBay via the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).
    A notification will be automatically sent via mail to the concerned eBay official.

The Complaint created must consist of the following details:

  1. Proper description and identification of the concerned product
  2. Details about where the products have been viewed on eBay.
  3. A clear and authentic electronic/ physical signature of the legally authorized person to act on behalf of the owner whose intellectual property has been infringed.
  4. Verified contact details such as the phone number, official address, and email id of the concerned owner are given.
  5. An official statement on behalf of the authorized person or the concerned owner forbidding the sale of the concerned product.
  6. An official or formal statement declaring that all the owner and the concerned product information is accurate.
  • After a complaint has been lodged, eBay removes the concerned product from its website.
  • eBay also sends a mail to the person concerned with fraudulent behavior informing that his product has been removed or delisted.

Advantages of VeRo

  • eBay respond quickly and successfully to the rights owners’ requests to remove the listings.
  • The platform maintains dedicated email queues for reporting rights violations, which are given top consideration.
  • The owners of the rights can quickly obtain all relevant information relating to the identification of eBay customers.


A number of people with little or no experience are turning towards dropshipping.
Thus, there is a rise in the number of unintentional infringements.
Sometimes SEO-friendly keywords and meta descriptions can also cause unintentional intellectual property infringement.
Thus, it is imperative that both parties are aware of their respective rights and duties laid down by the eBay VeRo policy.

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