Why Is Mi Home Security Camera 360 The Best

Security is an important issue being dealt with globally.
Hence, the demand for the installation of home security cameras is also gaining momentum.
As the most well-suited supply to this demand,
Xiaomi has put forth to the market the impressive Mi home security camera 360 that seems to be the ultimate option for home security.

General Features

Xiaomi’s Mi Home Security Camera 360 1080 P is packed with features that are useful and impressive.
Its net weight is approximately 239g, making it easy to install.
The camera has an aperture of f/2.1 and comes with a resolution of 2 megapixels.
It can also capture a significant amount of light while recording, be it indoors or outdoors. 

The camera works via the Xiaomi home app and is filled with essential features such as sensitivity assessment, correction, and scheduled monitoring.
With increased sharpness, the quality of the final footage is decent as well.
The camera offers a 360 degree of field of view on the horizontal axis and a 96-degree field of view on the vertical axis.
The product’s dimensions are 78x78x118mm, and it is compatible with both Android 4.4, IOS 9.0, and later upgrades.

Why Is Mi Home Security Camera 360 The Best

What Makes It Click?

Here are some of the features that will compel you to grab hold of this home security marvel as soon as possible.

Elegant And Sturdy To Look At

The Mi Home Security camera 360 1080 P has been built with polycarbonate, contributing to its sturdiness and solid look.

Alterable Video Quality

The video quality can be altered between High Definition Quality and standard quality.
In either of the modes, the resolution remains at 1920 x 1080 pixels.
The in-built video encoding technology also reduces the bandwidth used by videos to nearly 50 % and ensures faster video streaming.

Crystal Clear Output

Thanks to the inbuilt WDR or the Wide Dynamic Range option, the objects in the frame appear clear and way less blurry.
Thus, identifying objects in the frame becomes easier.

The Unparalleled Night Vision Mode

The impressive in-built 940nm infrared LEDs enable it to capture decent videos with most of the detailings even when it’s pitch dark.
The camera can also adjust between night and daytime modes so that you do not miss any details.

The Unique Live Audio Chat Feature

The talk back feature allows users to speak to their family members back at home.
The call button on the live feed screen allows the users to complete this action.
The voice quality is clear and decent.

The Amazing Motion Detector

The accuracy of the motion detectors enables even the slight flutter of the insects to be detected.
Once the camera detects a motion, it immediately sends an alert and records a 10-second clip that can be accessed under the section – “monitoring.”

Final Thoughts

With its advanced features, this camera is a step ahead of all its contemporaries.
This proves to be a reliable home security solution for all homeowners.
You would certainly love access to the multiple features this camera has to offer in the given price range.
To know more about this, read the
Mi home security camera 360 review.


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