Why Use eBay VeRo List?

With millions of active users, eBay is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms.
However, It has no way of verifying if vendors have the legal authority to offer their products, given the massive volume of transactions that occur every day.
As a result, eBay launched the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program to protect the intellectual property rights of the owners.

VeRo or Verified Rights Owner Program is slowly becoming a necessity for every dropshipper.
As both experienced and amateur entrepreneurs enter into dropshipping, instances of both conscious and unconscious intellectual property infringement regarding listed products on eBay are becoming a regularity.
So to ensure that eBay is a safe place for both buyers and sellers, VeRo is by far the most crucial program.

eBay VeRo List

Advantages Of Using VeRo

Today, the eBay VeRo list consists of more than 28,000 participants, including a number of companies, individuals, and brands.
Hence, it is already en route to becoming an indispensable part of eBay because of the sheer number of benefits it provides.
Today dropshippers relating to any niche are both aware and dependent on VeRo for the following reasons.

Email Queued On Priority Basis

In an attempt to keep things fair and square, eBay queues its mails for the concerned owners and the party who infringes the intellectual property regarding the intensity of the infringement committed.

Speedy And Vigilant Action Taken By The eBay Staff

Every situation of infringement has a dedicated eBay staff carefully looking into the nuances of the circumstances. This makes sure that a speedy and fair solution is reached.

Establishing A Safe Space For Buyers And Sellers 

The VeRo acts as a shield to safeguard the interests of dedicated clientele – be it buyers or sellers.
It makes sure that all efforts of the sellers and dropshippers don’t go in vain and the buyers are safeguarded from being duped.

Rapid Responses Made By eBay Makes Clients Feel Secure

When an instance of intellectual right infringement comes into the forefront, the staff members of eBay waste no time and start investigating the matter with immediate efficacy.
This helps one to trust eBay in terms of future transactions.

The Ability To Identify And Assemble Valuable Information On eBay Users

VeRo provides essential and valuable information regarding the listings and the buyers’ approach to the listings.
This helps owners to analyze the situation from a broader perspective when dealing with an infringement issue.

Consistent Upgradation

VeRo is constantly amassing new and varied benefits to make lives easier for both buyers and sellers.
This keeps users on the edge and looking forward to more.


VeRo is a highly beneficial program both for eBay users and eBay itself as it safeguards the organization from losing face during trying circumstances.
It also helps to build a bond of trust between users and eBay. 

eBay members’ rights and privileges mentioned in the users’ agreement can be invoked in times of infringement. These rights both clarify and protect users against unhealthy circumstances, thereby ensuring that their interactions are privileged and safe.

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